Solar Energy for the Future

Benefits of using TUSC for Solar Energy

☀ Provides "cooling effect" on buildings

Solar panels shade the roof of the building and can reduce the temperature inside the building by up to 5 degrees Celsius.

This may lead to a significant reduction in the use of air-conditioning or the load of the air-condition thereby indirectly reducing electricity cost.

☀ Flexible and modular, fast to install

System be sized and configured according to owner’s needs and specifications.

Design can be easily adopted to the desired look.

Installation can be done is as fast as a month.

☀Lower and Stabilizes Electricity costs

Displaces expensive power sourced from the grid and from diesel gensets.

Costs is fixed over the life cycle of the installation (25 years).

Provides zero carbon footprint, zero pollution, and zero noise, and it is consistent with the sustainability goals of eco-conscious companies.

☀ No Geographical Limitations and Raw Materials Vulnerabilities

Sunlight is free and unlimited.